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The housing

The campers are housed in modern houses, in a high-quality, well-equipped and safe environment. We ensure around the clock medical service on camp.


The children receive kosher food four times a day. At us, nobody stays hungry, they can always receive more! There is a kiosk inside the camp, which is from one hour before mealtimes until the end of the meals. On Shabbat, the kiosk is closed. We celebrate birthdays together on camp. Sometimes we sing "Happy birthday" in ten languages!

Swimming pool

There is a swimming pool in the camp that the campers can use in groups. A lifeguard and the group leaders are responsible for the safety and order.

Sport fields

There are four sport fields in the camp (tennis, basketball, volleyball and football) as well as a ping-pong hall and sports arena, which campers can use under professional supervision. Sports equipment can be borrowed for free.

Sport activities

During the sessions we offer many sports and leisure activities according to the campers’ age: horse riding, canoeing, cycling, challenge park, visiting the arboretum, hiking and for the younger age groups cruise or a ride on a horse-drawn carriage


Besides regular camp life, we provide learning opportunities (Jewish Bookshelf, Resource Center, Learning Center) and leisure activities (team building games, playground).

Sunday’s visitors’ day

During the 12 days of the sessions, our Szarvas campers learn songs and dances. Parents will hear and see these on Sunday's visitors' day (the visitors' day is only for the Hungarian campers and their parents).

Gift camp T-shirt

Every child returns home with a gift camp T-shirt, so that their memories won't fade even during the year.

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