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Our story

The JDC-Lauder International Jewish Youth Camp opened in 1990. Today 1600 participants from 30 different countries are creating the traditions of Szarvas every summer...

Our services

This is not only a Camp. We are much better! You can read about the high level services here...

One day in the camp

There is a saying which says: "The early bird gets the worm", but in Szarvas the early birds are getting mifi and mifkád. And a lot more other programs...

About camp life and rules

In order to live in order, there are some tiny regulations which have to be kept by all the participants of the Camp.


Our supporting program

Szarvas belongs to all of us, that's why we absolutely count on your help!
Give an opportunity for others, too! If it is possible for you, you are kindly asked to pay half of the full first cost, or even the whole amount. We transfer your monetary support into the family Care Program of the MAZS Foundation. Naturally, naturally, you can support other children's camping by sums of your choice, because even a few thousand forints do make a difference. This way, thanks to you, even those children can participate in the camp experience that otherwise could not do this.


JDC-Lauder International Jewish Youth Camp


Erzsébet liget, 5540 Szarvas
+36 66 313 161
+36 66 313 161

If you are not using our bus services, please arrive to the Camp latest 12:00 on the day of the Departure.
By car you should take the road 44 and turn to the right on the sign "Arborétum". The entrance is only 100 meters from the main road.

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