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Camp Dictionary

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place of the arts and crafts activities, in the back of the camp

at-night courage test

Beit David
one of the buildings of the camp, consisting of activity rooms and a synagogue


Challenge Park
a team-building field inside the camp, which is used by the campers under the supervision of trained leaders and the madrichs.

China Town
a few typical, pagoda-like houses next to the Kupola; three houses surround a smaller, roofed area (called pit), that are suitable for activites, too

the 11-13 years age group of campers

the 14-16 years age group of campers

the eldest, 17-18 years age group of campers

("praying hall") the huge hall next to the dining room, which is, in spite of its name, used primarily for group programs, such as hora classes

the two smaller rooms at the back of the camp, next to the Art

the guideing and helping leader of the madrichs of an age group (unit)

("dome") the air-conditioned sports hall of the camp, that is, thanks to its size, used for huge, camp-wide events as well

Learning Center
a room in Beit David that received its name after the toys and games found in it, as well as the activities held there; there, in a unique way, with the help of special games, the campers can learn about Judaism from one another

trained group leader, a group consisting of chanichs, is usually lead by two ~s together

group activity, lead by the group leaders, the madrichs; the emphasis during these activities is on playing together and team building

the huge sports competition of the whole camp, Olympics of the camp

group wake-up time between morning wake-up and Mifkad - a light game

("meeting/s") groups coming from different countries participate in an activity together in order to get closer to each other's culture

morning get-together starting the day o the camp

the youngest, 7-10 years age group of campers

a colourful, interactive activity about the actual topic of the camp lead by the group leaders, the madrichs

a continous chain of activities, built on the model of the peula, its topic is chosen by the campers from a number of giveb options

a chain of activities, covering about 20-25 different topics that are chosen by the elder campers at the beginning of the session. The topics range from newspaper writing or film making to various dances, drumming or street art

Szarvas Times
the own magazine of the camp, published usually twice during a session, its writers are the campers

Talent Show
the huge talent show of the camp

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