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What you should...

Most probably your Home Theater system can stay at home, together with your stationary bike. But what should we pack?

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What the camper should by all means bring along:
- insurance card or its copy,
- personal sanitary and hygienic package,
- towel,
- swimming suit,
- clothing for sport activities (shoes, shorts, ...),
- clothing for open-air (evening) activities (closed sweater, trousers...),
- clothing for Shabbat (white shirt, suit pants for boys, skirt for girls...),
- kipa for the boys,
- hat and sunscreen,
- might need mosquito repellent.

And what not to...
Campers are asked not to bring along mobile phones or any other valuables (e.g. MP3 player), because we cannot take responsibility for these! There is a closed safe in the camp, where the campers can put their valuables with their madrich's help.

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